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Nail Treatments

Have you previously had your nails damaged when having your nails done?

Have they been painful during or after the appointment?

Do you hate busy salons, feeling like you are on a conveyor of poorly trained nail techs over filing your natural nails not listening to what you so not getting the care and results that you deserve?

At RD Beauty you will have a full consultation at your appointment to establish your individual needs and the look that YOU want to achieve. Then together we will reach a solution that is tailored for you.

RD Beauty offer a wide range of nail treatments in my home based nail salon in Swadlincote.


My appointments are private, personal, and one to one so that you feel totally relaxed.

As a nail technician it is my job to ENHANCE your nails not destroy them!

So whether your a nail biter wanting to be able to STOP hiding your hands, need extra strength to prevent weak peeling nails, or maybe you simply HATE regular nail polish that chips and just doesn't last RD Beauty has the solution.

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