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Correctly shaped brows can really frame your face and incorrectly shaped brows can  completely change the way that your eyes look!


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Eyebrow Shape

At RD Beauty in Swadlincote your eyebrows are measured using brow mapping techniques, your facial features and your natural brow growth ensuring that you get the correct brow shape for your individual face shape



(15-20 mins approximately)

Eyebrow Tint

Tinting is a great way to make the brows look fuller by picking up any new fairer or grey hairs that can't yet be seen.


The colour and look you are wanting to create will be discussed in your consultation to ensure that your new brows are perfect for you.


 Eyebrow tinting also gives a more defined look without looking harsh 


(15-20 mins approximately)

RD Brows 

With the way that the beauty industry has grown and the new brow treatments that have become available with things like Brow Lamination, Henna, and Hybrid Tints I have been able to combine the best of these treatments to create a defining brow treatment tailored to your hair colour and facial features.

First your brows will be given an exfoliating scrub to remove any dead skin cells.

Next a brow shampoo to remove the scrub and any excess dirt, make up, and oils and give a fresh canvas to work with, this will ensure that you get the best results possible.


Your brow hairs will then be fixed into place using brow lifting to help give them shape and cover any sparse areas as best as possible.

Your brows will then measured using brow mapping techniques based on your individual facial features and natural brow growth.

Then I will tint your brows using specialist hybrid tint matched to your hair colour, skin tone, and the look that you are wanting to achieve.

This can range from a very natural look or fuller more defined look (this is all discussed in the full consultation before the treatment begins)

Finally your  brows are waxed and plucked to shape and define them further to the correct shape and thickness to frame your face.
I will also show you any areas that you may need to grow out or pencil in as part of your aftercare advice to help you get the best from your new brows 

Brows last around 6-8 weeks 


(60 mins approximately)

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