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Acrylic Nails

Are you a nail biter always wanting to hide your hands?

Acrylic nails are hard wearing making them perfect for nail biters or clients looking for instant extra length.

In my nail salon in Swadlincote it is my commitment as a nail technician is to ENHANCE the natural nail not destroy them.  


Acrylic nails will NOT damage your natural nail, this is caused by improper application, removal, or untrained use of electronic files on the natural nail.


At RD Beauty the highest quality products are used and with the highest quality up to date training I create great nail looks and styles. Choose from French, Natural, Glitter tips. Nail Art and much more.  

I also add a UV topcoat sealant to your acrylics, this will give your new nails a high shine finish and a little extra protection.


Provided the after care advice is followed you will enjoy your new nails for up to three weeks, after this period your nails will be subject to general wear and tear and you should be thinking about booking your nail maintenance appointment.


I DO NOT remove or infill other nail technicians work. 

Prices are based on natural look set gel polish and nail art are charged at an additional charge please ask for a personalised quote and time frame .

Customised full set with glitter acrylic nail art work

(please contact me for a quote)

Full Sets of sculpted Acrylic Nail Extensions 

Full set of sculpted acrylic nails natural

(Gel polish NOT included) around 2 hours 

FROM £55 (dependent on length)

Full set of sculpted acrylic nails

(INCLUDING gel polish) around 2 hours 

FROM £65 (dependent on length)

(3 weeks my work only)

 Maintenance of acrylic nails natural

(Gel polish NOT included) around 2 hours 

FROM £40

 (dependent on length)

 Maintenance of acrylic nails 

(INCLUDING Gel Polish) around 2 hours 

FROM £50

(dependent on length)

Nail Repair FROM £5 per nail

Nail Art FROM 50p per nail dependant on design 

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