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Henna Brows

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Henna brows are a type of tinting that stains the skin giving you tinted hairs for up to 6 weeks and a tint on the skin that can last anywhere from 2-10 days.  It's a fantastic way to try out a shape before committing to semi-permanent makeup, or if you just want your eyebrows shaped and filled temporarily.  


Henna brows process

If you've ever had your brows tinted and waxed, then you'll have an idea of how the process works.  The first step for henna brows is all about cleansing and removing any oils from the skin.  This is to ensure that your skin is super clean and ready for the henna.

After your eyebrows are clean, they are then measured and shaped which also allows you to have some input before the process goes ahead.  The next step is crucial and can make or break your eyebrow shape.  A white paste is applied around your eyebrows that acts as a barrier and is what gives you the sharp, defined lines of your new eyebrow shape.


After the paste has been applied, it's time for the henna!  This part of the process is delicate and very carefully applied.  The henna has to be pushed onto the skin to ensure it sits in between the hairs to give you that fuller effect.  Once it is evenly applied and super sharp, it will sit there for about 10 - 20 minutes.  When it's done developing, it is wiped away and your eyebrows are then waxed, threaded, or tweezed to complete a high definition effect.  


What about the pros and cons?

Pros - 

•  Henna brows tint and stain the skin giving you a more fuller, 3D effect.  

•  It's great for those that have sparse or over plucked brows

•  Henna brows can encourage hair to grow back fuller in all the right places

•  It contains less chemicals and harsh ingredients so is a great option for sensitive skin

•  It will last on the hairs for up to 6 weeks which is almost twice as long as regular tint

•  Henna can tint the skin anywhere from 2-10 days

•  Henna takes beautifully to grey hairs

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