Gel Polish Nails

Gel polish is a great soak-off product offering nail colour for natural nails, it can also be worn over acrylic enhancements. 

Gel polish nails will remain shiny and chip free for up to 3 weeks, nourishing them giving them strength absolutely fantastic for nail biters!

Gel is an ideal product for anyone who is looking for something just that little bit special or is having their regular enhancements removed and still needs protection on their nails.

As a nail technician I believe in caring for your nails therefore no damage will be caused to your nails during application or removal of any nail enhancements at my salon.

PLEASE NOTE I do not remove other nail technicians work

Prices are based on basic one colour work.

Nail art and designs are an added extra

Gel polish application

Includes structure gel for extra strength 

Gel polish colour 60 minutes £20


Soak off and re apply 

Colour 60 minutes £20

Removal 30 minutes £7

Nail Art from 50p per nail (dependant on design)

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